FINAL: Thursday 6/18 at 8:00- Review is below (in 2 parts)

For For Tues. 6/9
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Sudan HW: external image zip.png [[file/view/|]]

For Wed. 6/3
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Tibet: external image zip.png [[file/view/|]]
3. China Test is Friday, 6/5 Review sheet handed out in class

For Mon 6/1:
One Child Policy: external image msword.png [[file/view/OneChildQuestions.doc|OneChildQuestions.doc]]

For Thurs. May 28:
Finish the Jan Wong Reading- quiz in class

For Tues. May 26:
1. Curr Events Quiz
2. Reading and Questions on Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. One file below is the reading, one is the questions:
external image msword.png [[file/view/GLF&CultRevReading.doc|GLF&CultRevReading.doc]]
external image msword.png [[file/view/GLF-CultRevHW09.doc|GLF-CultRevHW09.doc]]

For Wed. May 20
Textbook Questions on Lead up to Chinese Communist Rev:external image msword.png [[file/view/MaoRiseHW.doc|MaoRiseHW.doc]]

For Mon 5/11
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Bring all your WW2 notes & hws for an open-notes test!

For Thurs. 5/7
All blurbs for WW2 project must be done and printed. No late passes!

For Tues. 5/5
Turning Points & End of War questions using textbook. You'll have to use the hard copy given in class because I lost the file when my computer crashed.

For Fri 5/1:
War in Europe & Global Conflist Questions using textbook:

For Wed 4/29
The Path to War- use textbook 826-830:

For Wed 4/15
WWI Test Review Sheet:

For Mon 4/13
Current Events Quiz
End of WWI hw:

For Thurs. 4/9
Armenian Genocide (reading handed out in class):

For Tues 4/7
Current Events Quiz

For Monday 3/30
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Hotel Rwanda article assignment:
[[image:file/view/i%2Fmime%2F32%2Fapplication%2Fmsword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/HotelRwanda2009.doc"]] [[file/view/HotelRwanda2009.doc|HotelRwanda2009.doc]]

For Tuesday 3/24
1. Olivia's Current Events Quiz
2. Hotel Rwanda article assignment due Wed. 3/25:
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/HotelRwanda2009.doc"]] [[file/view/HotelRwanda2009.doc|HotelRwanda2009.doc]]

For Friday 3/20:
Use these 2 articles to answer the questions about the Rwandan Genocide:
BBC- How The Genocide Happened
BBC- Rwanda's Long Search For Justice
external image msword.png
external image msword.png

For 3/12
-Lucy's Current Events Quiz
-VoiceThread due Monday night by 8:00 p.m.

China Opium Wars

Berlin Conference

King Leopold & Congo

Panama Canal


Livingstone & Stanley

Suez Canal

British India

Cecil Rhodes

Spanish American War

For 3/11
-Script for VoiceThread should be done and printed.
-Retake N or S Africa quiz if desired.

For 3/10
-All research notes due (Steps 1-4)
-Southern Africa countries quiz Here is a link for a site to study for the map quizzes:

For 3/2
-Courtney's current events quiz
-Northern Africa countries quiz- see the practice handed out in class for countries list and format
Here is a link for a site to study for the map quizzes:

For 2/26
-Finish the imperialism chart and map work (shading)
-Label all the countries of modern Africa- there will be quizzes next week
-Bring your textbook to class
Here is a link for a site to start studying for the map quizzes:

For 2/12
Energy Rules: Sean, Stefanie, Catie, Rachel
Wildlife Threatened: Courtney,Lucy, Olivia H, Chris V
Polluting Trucks: Asa, Andy, Olivia R.,Mary, Katie
Fish Farms: Emily, Cassidy, Chris L., Pat
Exporting Industry: Chloe, Mariah, Shane, Alex

Step 1. (Individually) Read the article connected to your topic and type out the word and definition of any words with which you are unfamiliar (you do not need to write out Chinese names).

Step 2. (Individually) Write the 7-10 most important facts from the article in a bulleted list.

Step 3. (Individually) Watch the video connected to your article (click on the video tab at top of your article.)

Step 4. (Individually) Write a one paragraph summary (150-200 words) that explains the main ideas presented in the article and the video.

Step 5. (Individually) Print your work OR drop box the document. This should include the list of vocabulary words, bulleted facts, and the summary paragraph. If you use the drop box, use the naming protocol ChinaArticle.YourLastName

Step 6. (Small group) Meet with your small group to review your lists of most important facts and summaries Decide which information/questions will be shared with the class. Plan your presentation for next class: One person should present the main ideas, two/three people should explain some of the important facts and one person should give a brief intro. of the video.

Step 7. (next class) Each group will present their main ideas, key facts and set up the video. The class will watch each video.

For 2/10
1. Andy's Current Events Quiz
2. Case Study Response:

For 2/6
Complete the Case Study Questions and prepare for your role in the fishbowl discussion:

For 2/4
1. Shane's current events quiz
2. Child Labor research:

For 2/2
Study for Economics Quiz:

For 1/29:
Read this article on the Obama Recovery Plan and follow directions:

For 1/27
Mariah's current events quiz

For 1/23
Business Organizations chart:

For 1/16
No new hw for Friday
Unit Quiz/Test on Industrialization will be Wed. 1/21

For 1/14
Questions and reading on Marxism

For 1/12
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Finish the Biography and Speech you started in class for your Child Labor person:

3; Test Corrections (OPTIONAL) using the guidelines:

For 1/8
1. Complete the **starred sections (the charts on oage 2) of the Industrial Revolution packet:

2. Test corrections (optional) on the French & Haitian Rev test are due on Monday, January 12.

For 12/15
Mary's current events quiz
Unit test will be Wed. 12/17 Here's the review sheet:

For 12/11
1. Rachel's current events quiz
2. Haitian Revolution HW:
The unit test on the French Rev and the Haitian Rev will be next Wednesday, 12/17

For 12/9
No hw

For 12/5
End of French Rev. HW:

For 12/3
Constitutional Government on French Revolution HW (need textbook):

For 12/1
No HW!

For 11/24
1. Current Events Quiz
2. French Revolution HW (2 sided- BOTH files below):

For 11/20
Study for Quiz on Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment:

For 11/18
Asa's current event quiz

For 11/14
Enlightenment Political Philosophers hw (readings are in the textbook and from sources handed out in class):

For 11/12
No HW!

For 11/4
1. Sean's Current Events Quiz
2. Slave Trade hw:

For 10/31
Mercantilism Terms HW (readings handed out in class):

For 10/29
Colonial Mexico hw (the reading was handed out in class):

For 10/27
Complete the Conquistadors questions:

For 10/23
Read the short article on Columbus, "When Worlds Collide" and answer the questions:

For 10/21
1. Current Events Quiz (Catie's)
2. Textbook reading and questions on the Protestant Reformation:

For 10/17
Election Quiz- study! See review sheet handed out in class. The Issues Presentations are below.

Candidate Issue Presentations
Abortion & Gay Marriage

Climate Change



Health Care



For 10/10
Everyone who made issue.candidate presentations on Wed. should have it finished and ready to go.

For 10/8
No new hw.

For 10/6
1. Current Events quiz (Cassidy's)
2. Fill in the Obama/McCain Iraq chart:

For 10/2
Prepare for the Iraq deliberation fishbowl by completing the Deliberation Preparation sheet:

For 9/30
1. Read your assigned option (pink, green, or blue sheet)- highlight/underline key points and write a one paragraph summary.
2. Review for Katie's current events quiz.

For 9/26
Unit Test. Review sheet is below. Don't forget to bring the 4 things you may use on the test.

For 9/24
No new hw. The unit test has been moved to Friday, 9/26
the review sheet for the test is here:

For 9/22
Regime Change in Iraq reading- answer the rest of the questions (7-12 the back side of the green sheet) The file is below.
Also note the unit test on Israel and Iraq will be next Wednesday (9/24)

For 9/18
Regime Change in Iraq reading- answer questions 1-6 (the front side of the green sheet) Here is a copy of the questions:

For 9/16
-Review for Chloe's current events quiz
-finish the Iraq map work if you didn't finish in class

For 9/12
Read your assigned interview and be prepared to answer questions about it.

For 9/10: Whose Jerusalem reading and questions. The questions are on the last page of your reading and are also available here:

For 9/8: Study for Current Events Quiz
For 9/4: Cartoon Analysis