FINAL: Wednesday June 17 10:00. Review Slides:

For Fri 6/12:
Finish your slides for final review. Here is the Israel Exemplar:

For Mon 6/8
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Sudan HW: external image zip.png [[file/view/|]]

For Thurs. 6/4
China Test:

For Thurs. 6/4 REMEMBER- We miss class Tues and your China Test is Thurs
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Tibet: external image zip.png [[file/view/|]]

For Fri 5/29:
One Child Policy:

For Wed. May 27:
1. Curr Events Quiz
2. Finish the Jan Wong Reading- quiz in class

For Fri. May 22
Reading and Questions on Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. One file below is the reading, one is the questions:
external image msword.png [[file/view/GLF&CultRevReading.doc|GLF&CultRevReading.doc]]
external image msword.png [[file/view/GLF-CultRevHW09.doc|GLF-CultRevHW09.doc]]

For Wed. May 20
Textbook Questions on Lead up to Chinese Communist Rev:external image msword.png [[file/view/MaoRiseHW.doc|MaoRiseHW.doc]]

For Tues 5/12
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Bring all your WW2 notes & hws for an open-notes test!

For Wed. 5/6

Turning Points & End of War questions using textbook. You'll have to use the hard copy given in class because I lost the file when my computer crashed.

For Mon. 5/4:
1. War in Europe & Global Conflist Questions using textbook:external image msword.png Sec2&3.doc
2. Current Events Quiz

For Thurs 4/30
The Path to War- use textbook 826-830:

For Thurs 4/16
WWI Test Review Sheet:

For Tues 4/14
Current Events Quiz

For Fri 4/10
End of WWI hw: external image msword.png [[file/view/EndWWIhw.doc|EndWWIhw.doc]]

For Wed 4/8
Armenian Genocide (reading handed out in class):

For Friday 3/27
1. Gacaca pararaph (you should have finished this in class):
2. Lead Upto WWI:

For Monday 3/23
1. Dylan & Nick's Current Events Quiz
2. Hotel Rwanda article assignment due Wed. 3/25:

For Thursday 3/19:
Use these 2 articles to answer the questions about the Rwandan Genocide:
BBC- How The Genocide Happened
BBC- Rwanda's Long Search For Justice
Questions: external image msword.png

For 3/16 & 3/17
-VoiceThreads due by MONDAY 3:00. On bottom of VoiceThread in publishing options choose "allow anyone to view" Then click "Share" and either send me an email invite or create a link to paste into email.
-For class on Tuesday bring NOTES and HEADPHONES for the test.
-Dylan's Current Events Quiz

Leopold & Belgian Congo

Panama Canal

Suez Canal

Livingstone & Stanley

Berlin Conference

Spanish American War

Cecil Rhodes

China Opium Wars

British India

For 3/11
Script for VoiceThread should be done and printed out

For 3/9
-All research notes (steps 1-4) due
-Retake Africa quiz (N or S) if desired

For 3/5
- Research Notes for Steps 1, 2, 4 on Imperialism VoiceThread project due
- Southern Africa countries quiz- see the practice handed out in class for countries list and format
Here is a link for a site to study for the map quizzes:

For 3/2
-Nick's current events quiz
-Northern Africa countries quiz- see the practice handed out in class for countries list and format
Here is a link for a site to study for the map quizzes:

For 2/27
-Finish the imperialism chart and map work (shading)
-Label all the countries of modern Africa- there will be quizzes next week
-Bring your textbook to class
Here is a link for a site to start studying for the map quizzes:

For 2/9
Child Labor research: [[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/UnderstandingChildLabor09.doc"]][[file/view/UnderstandingChildLabor09.doc| UnderstandingChildLabor09.doc]]

For 2/3
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Read this article on the Obama Recovery Plan and follow directions:

For 1/28
Business Organizations chart:[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" caption="external image msword.png" link="file/view/BusOrgsChart2009.doc"]][[file/view/BusOrgsChart2009.doc| BusOrgsChart2009.doc]]

For 1/26:
Quiz/Test on Industrialization: See review sheet handed out in class as a guide on what to study

For 1/20
Current Events Quiz

For 1/15
Questions and reading on Marxism
Questions:external image msword.png MarxismReadingQuestions.doc
Reading:external image pdf.png KarlMarx-AFailedVisionofHistory.pdf

For 1/13
1. Current Events Quiz
2. Finish the Biography and Speech you started in class for your Child Labor person:
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/ChildLaborSpeech.doc"]][[file/view/ChildLaborSpeech.doc| ChildLaborSpeech.doc]]
3; Test Corrections (OPTIONAL) using the guidelines:
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/TestCorrections.doc"]][[file/view/TestCorrections.doc| TestCorrections.doc]]

For 1/9
1. Complete the **starred sections (the charts on oage 2) of the Industrial Revolution packet:
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/IndRevHandout2009.doc"]][[file/view/IndRevHandout2009.doc| IndRevHandout2009.doc]]
2. Test corrections (optional) on the French & Haitian Rev test are due on Tuesday, January 13.

For 12/16
The Haitian Rev hw from Friday is due tomorrow (see below).
Unit test will be Thursday (12/18) Here's the review sheet:
external image msword.png TestReview08.doc

For 12/12
Haitian Revolution HW:
The unit test on the French Rev and the Haitian Rev will be next Thursday, 12/18

For 12/10
Neil's current events quiz
Your unit test over the French Revolution and Haitian Revolution will be next week (Thursday 12/18)

For 12/8
End of French Rev. HW:
external image msword.png
external image msword.png

For 12/4
Constitutional Government on French Revolution HW (need textbook):
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/ConsitutionalGovernmentHW.doc"]][[file/view/ConsitutionalGovernmentHW.doc| ConsitutionalGovernmentHW.doc]]

For 11/25
1. Current Events Quiz
2. French Revolution HW (2 sided- BOTH files below):
external image msword.png VersaillesWebquest 2.doc
external image msword.png ThreeEstatesReading.doc

For 11/21
Study for Quiz on Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment:
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/EnlightenReview08.doc"]][[file/view/EnlightenReview08.doc| EnlightenReview08.doc]]

For 11/19
No HW!

For 11/17
1. Current Events Quiz (Sam's)
2. Enlightenment Political Philosophers hw (readings are in the textbook and from sources handed out in class):
[[image:i/mime/32/application/msword.png width="32" height="32" link="file/view/EnlightenmentHW2008.doc"]][[file/view/EnlightenmentHW2008.doc| EnlightenmentHW2008.doc]]

For 11/13
No HW!

For 11/5
Slave Trade hw:
external image msword.png SlaveTradeHW.doc

For 11/3
1. Madison's current events quiz
2. Mercantilism Terms HW (readings handed out in class):
external image msword.png
[[file/view/MercantalismTerms.doc| MercantalismTerms.doc]]

For 10/30
Colonial Mexico hw (the reading was handed out in class):
external image msword.png
[[file/view/ColonialMexicoHW.doc| ColonialMexicoHW.doc]]

For 10/28
1. Ben's Current Events Quiz
2. Complete the Conquistadors questions:

For 10/24
Read the short article on Columbus, "When Worlds Collide" and answer the questions:
msword.png[[file/view/ColumbusHW.doc| ColumbusHW.doc]]

For 10/22
1. Current Events Quiz (Ivy's)
2. Textbook reading and questions on the Protestant Reformation:
msword.png[[file/view/16-3Questions.doc| 16-3Questions.doc]]

For 10/20
Election Quiz- study! See review sheet handed out in class. The issue presentations are below.

Candidate Issue Presentations
Abortion & Gay Marriage

Climate Change



Health Care



For 10/9
I will collect the Obama/McCain Iraq chart.
Those of you who were in class (not on Ocean Lab) should have completed your Issue/Candidates presentation and be ready to go.

For 10/7
Fill in the Obama/McCain Iraq chart: external image msword.png McCainObamaIraq.doc

For 10/3
Prepare for the Iraq deliberation fishbowl by completing the Deliberation Preparation sheet:
external image msword.png DeliberationPrep.doc

For 10/1
1. Read your assigned option (pink, green, or blue sheet)- highlight/underline key points and write a one paragraph summary.
2. Review for Mitchell's current events quiz.

For 9/29
Unit Test. Review sheet is below. Don't forget to bring the 4 things you may use on the test.

For 9/25
Current Events quiz.
The unit test (Israel/Iraq) will be next Monday (9/29)
The review sheet for the test is here: external image msword.png ReviewSheet.doc

For 9/23
Regime Change in Iraq reading- answer the rest of the questions (7-12 the back side of the green sheet) The file is below.

For 9/19
Regime Change in Iraq reading- answer questions 1-6 (the front side of the green sheet) Here is a copy of the questions:
external image msword.png IraqReadingQuestions.doc

For 9/17
-Review for Read's current events quiz
-finish the Iraq map work if you didn't finish in class

For 9/15
Read your assigned interview and be prepared to answer questions about it.

For 9/11: Whose Jerusalem reading and questions. The questions are on the last page of your reading and are also available here:
external image msword.png Jerusalem.doc

For 9/9: Study for Current Events Quiz
For 9/5: Cartoon Analysis