Mrs. Barr's delicious links:


Dr. David Livingstone and Henry M. Stanley (Chapter 27.2)

King Leopold II and the Belgian Congo (Chapter 27.2) (excellent source) (primary source)

Berlin West Africa Conference of 1884-1885 (Chapter 27.2)

France, Britain, and the Suez Canal (Chapter 27.2)
Students: keep focus on late-1800s, not Suez Crisis of 1956 (skim to read parts about the Suez Canal)

Cecil Rhodes and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) (not in textbook)


The British In India, East India Company, Sepoy Rebellion (1885) (Chapter 27.3)
Video Resource: (excellent source from BBC)

China, Opium Wars, Spheres of Influence, Open Door Policy (Chapter 27.3)

Modernization of Japan, Rise of Japan as Imperial Power (Chapter 27.3),9171,921317-2,00.html

Monroe Doctrine, Spanish-American War, Remember The Maine! (Chapter 27.4) (scroll to relevant section)

American Territorial Gains, Panama Canal, Theodore Roosevelt (Chapter 27.4) (scroll to relevant section) (primary source)

American Annexation of Hawaii (not in textbook) (scroll to relevant section)